Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Final day in D.C.

Today, Wednesday, is our final day of our Washington, D.C. vacation. It has been a wonderful family time for us. I think the kids have enjoyed it - lots of walking and looking at monuments. But they have had fun at the museums and of course riding the Metro. They love how fast it goes.

This morning, we had our tour of the Capitol. We went through Mark Pryor's office and they did a wonderful job setting this up. We arrived a bit early, but they were ready for us. Becca, a young lady from Russellville was our tour guide. It was interesting to find out that she is from Russellville and grew up 2 doors down from my sister-in-law, Sarah. In fact, Sarah use to babysit her. She did a great job taking us around and explaining some neat things. However, we have agreed Nathan had the line of the day. While looking at some of the statues, there was one with 3 famous women (Susan B. Anthony was one and 2 others) - there was also a empty space. Becca said it has been said that this spot is reserved for the first female president. Without wasting any time, Nathan said "well that won't be happening for the next 4 years." Can you tell he has been around politics. Becca kindly said "you are correct". Afterwards at lunch, we all agreed how funny that one liner was. You never know what that kid is going to say.

After lunch, the kids stopped off at a bookstore to add a new member to the Webkinz collection. So, in the morning we start our trip back home and will spend the remainder of the weekend in Marion. The kids have a week off and start school on August 18th.

The Lord has been so good to provide us with this wonderful time to be with one another. His hand of protection has defintely been upon us. Also, our attitudes have been good with one another. We did it!

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Beth said...

Hey girl! It sounds like you are having a GREAT time in DC! I have enjoyed reading about what all you all have done! Have a Safe Trip back!