Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sorry for the delay...

I know I haven't posted in a while - just been busy and not a whole lot going on. Natalie started playing soccer last Saturday - Upward with a local church. She has the same coach as last year and is enjoying it. She isn't much of a natural athlete, but it is good exercise for her. She is really blossoming into a young lady and I am trying to guide her in the right directions. This summer we are going to go through Girl Talk by Carolyn Mahaney. Also, next weekend we are having a girls weekend while the guys go to Fayetteville. Tim is taking Nathan to Fayetteville for RazorFest and the Red/White football game on Saturday night. They are staying both nights and Nathan is very excited to be going. We all went last year, but Natalie and I were really not into it all. So, this year I thought it best for just the guys to go. Nathan of course is keeping us on our toes as always. He isn't playing any sports right now, but really loves basketball. So he and Tim play a lot of the Playstation. He is still excelling in math and we have met with the school administration to hopefully have a game plan for next year. He will begin next year changing classes and because of this, he will a teacher who only teaches 4th grade math. I am hoping with her help and some computer software, we can continue to challenge him. Homeschooling is always in the back of my mind and wondering if we should just talke the plunge and go for it. However, because we need the little income I make, I am not sure when that will happen. My heart's desire is to begin when Natalie goes into 7th grade. The thought of her being on that campus scares me - just the influence of older students is frightening.

I am getting ready to take a part-time job at The Container Store. We are going to give this a trial run for the summer. I am not sure I can do this when school starts back up or not. But we are going to try. It really is a great store - you should go to and look at all the great stuff they have.

I'll try and write more soon and maybe include some pics.