Monday, October 12, 2009

Nathan's 11th Birthday

Nathan and his sister (I think they do love each other...sometimes)

Nathan and his new webkinz

Nathan blowing out his candles (for the 2nd try - his sister did it the first time)

On October 13, 1998 we were blessed with the arrival of Nathan Stephen Cain. He came into this world very easy, pretty much like he is now. In the beginning it was hard with his sister being so young (19 months) and he didn't like to sleep much until he was about 18 months. Now, we can't get him out of the bed and can sleep through most anything. God has gifted him with a great mind and he is so creative.

Nathan, we love you buddy and are so grateful to the Lord for giving you to us. We wouldn't want to experience life without you! You defintely keep us on our toes - laughing most of the time.

Happy 11th Birthday Nathan! We love you!

Love you!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall fun

We joined another family from church at a pumpkin patch yesterday. Although I wouldn't recommend this place, the time spent with friends was great. At this particular pumpkin patch you pay to get in and then leave with 2 very small pumpkins. Natalie has named them "Rip" and "Off" - pretty clever I thought. It was also a great day to be enjoyed and be out in the wonderful weather.