Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer is here...

Well another school year is almost finished...the kids have their picnic on Friday, May 30th. Technically they go through June 3rd - but there are ready to be finished. I can't believe Natalie will be in the 6th grade and Nathan will be in the 4th grade. They are growing up so fast! We have already been at the pool some and looking forward to more lazy days at the pool. We really enjoy these times watching the kids play and visiting with good friends. The kids are doing their part to keep me busy for the summer. Natalie is going to be a "mother's helper" for a couple of ladies in our church. She is too young to babysit, but a mother's helper is just that - she will be at the house and play with the kids so the mom can get things done. She is very excited about this. Also, she is going to take sewing classes. She has to get this gene from Tim's mom, not me. Both of my kids have this craft bug - they want to sew, crochet, etc. Nathan is going to participate on the Hammerhead Swim Team this year - he loves the competition. Also, he is going to take some art lessons. He was so excited when Tim said he could do this. The week of June 8th we are going to attend VBS with their cousin and I guess I will be helping my sister with crafts - I just can't get away from it. This is pretty much it for the summer and then in August we have our family vacation to Washington, DC. I will try to post some pictures next time.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Guys/Girls Weekend

Well, we are about to wrap up another school year. I can't believe next year that Natalie will be in 6th grade - just yesterday she was born! Nothing really exciting going on in our lives - just life. A couple of weekends ago, Tim and Nathan went to RazorFest at University of Arkansas. This was a guys only weekend and the first. They had so much fun and I think Nathan might have bathed once...not very important to a 9 year old boy. They spent Saturday playing games and walking around the campus. Tim took him around and they found Tim's name, Ed's name and Stephen's name on the sidewalks. Nathan also took lots of pictures - some of the same scene. They had a great time and Tim really enjoyed one on one time with Nathan.

At the same time, Natalie and I enjoyed a girls weekend. We made a quick trip to West Memphis for my 8 year old niece's birthday party. It was a swim party at a local hotel. Natalie had a lot of fun. We spent the night at the hotel and then had get back home Saturday for a soccer game. After all of that, we rented a couple of movies and enjoyed relaxing at home. And of course, no girls weekend would be complete without a little shopping. We bought Natalie some summer sandals and I got a new pair of tennis shoes for work (The Container Store). We finished the night off with dinner at Chili's.

It is so great having the kids at the ages they are at - so many fun activities to enjoy!