Thursday, March 19, 2009

Science Fair update

Last Thursday, March 12th was our school science fair. Both of the kids had a project to do this year. Natalie chose to take 3 of the same plant, but water them differently (amount and when). Nathan chose to test whether or not graphite in a pencil was a conductor of electricity. They had to prepare their science boards with all the normal info - problem, hypothesis, photos, research, charts, conclusion, etc. And they did a great job. At the parent night last week, Natalie discovered that she placed 2nd overall for the 6th grade. Nathan however did not place this year and was devastated. He is the one that loves science and just knew he would place. This was a good lesson for him in how to lose graciously. It was still hard watching him being so disappointed. We are sure next year it will be an amazing project. Natalie will get to present her project to the Bauxite School Board in April and then go to the district science fair in Arkadelphia in May. She is excited, but was very shocked at how well she did.

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K said...

YEA for Natalie :) I remember those science project days.