Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3, 2, 1 Blast off...

On Saturday, we all went to a vacant field near our house and let Nathan launch one of his rockets he got for Christmas. This was a present from Tim and I think he had the most fun. He and Nathan built them at Christmas and were waiting for the right day to launch it. He actually got two, one goes abou 600 feet and the other goes 1200 feet. We did the small one on Saturday. They got it all ready to go and it wouldn't launch. So after a little tweaking, the launch was successful. It travelled pretty far, crossing a street and landing in a football field. They brought it back and fired it up again, only to have it land high up in a pine tree. So that rocket is still there - Nathan is hopeful it might fall. I couldn't believe the speed and how high it went - it scared me at first. Natalie did the countdown, with permission from Nathan of course. The boys had a great time doing this.

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