Friday, January 9, 2009


This week has been crazy, so hopefully next week this will be our menu:

Monday - Vegetable soup with corn muffins
Tuesday - Stouffers Chicken & Rice, green beans, rolls
Wednesday - Eat out before church
Thursday - Taco Soup with cheese quesidillas
Friday - Not sure yet - maybe take out


Michelle Cearley said...

This is motivating! I am so out of sorts with cooking after being in limbo for a week before the move (trying to limit all food on hand since we couldn't pack most of it), then without a fridge for 5 days here, then consumed with unpacking! I finally cooked potato soup last night which was the first time I'd made a hot meal at home in over 3 weeks. I'm going to try to list a menu like yours for next week and get back on track.


Kim said...

It all sounds good!