Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Answer to prayer

The Lord is so good! I received a call today from my brother to say he had been questioning whether or not he was saved. He today went to talk with the pastor and now knows he is saved. This has been a prayer request of mine for many years. I have prayed that the Lord would show him his need for a Savior and that he would respond. He was in tears, which is defintely not normal for him. Over the past several weeks, we have noticed a softening of this heart. He has been a joy to be around and genuinely wants to be with his family. I am now praying for a man to come alongside him to disciple him. I have sent him many books in the past and he still has them all, but has never read them. One is a booklet by Peter Jeffrey, Seeking God. Please pray for him and that his salvation is genuine and he will allow the Lord to change him. I was crying myself - Praise the Lord!!!


Michelle Cearley said...

God is so good! What a blessing for you and your family. I am still praying for my brother, and I hope I can rejoice in his salvation one day.

Kim said...

That is wonderful, Allison!