Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visit to Grandma's

Wow, these past few weeks have been busy - the summer is flying by so fast. The kids and I alongwith my sister and her 3 girls visited our grandmother and aunts the week of June 28th through July 4th in Houston, MS. We both have such fun memories of summer visits. My mom had 5 sisters under her, 4 of which still lived at home when we would visit for the summer. We have always had good relationships with all of our aunts. Since my grandfather passed away in January 2007, the visits are a little different. Walking into their house and not having him there is sad. We spent the week staying our Aunt Linda's and the 2 older girls stayed at my grandma's house. On Monday of that week we hit the local shoe store - the last family owned store is going out of business. I bought shoes for the kids, but my sister - well she hit the jackpot. Everything was 30-50% off - so she was like a kid in a candy store. On Tuesday, the kids suprised my grandma by repainting an old swing frame for her. My aunt is going to have the swing repaired. They had so much fun doing this and she was very pleasantly surprised. On Wednesday, the girls, my sister, Aunt Linda, grandma and myself had a special lunch at My Friend's Place. This is a tea shop in Houston - the girls love it. On Thursday, we drove to Starkville to see Kung Fu Panda and had dinner with my Aunt Amy and Uncle Donnie. Amy is my mom's youngest sister and only a few years older than myself - so she is like an older sister to me. Sadly, we had to pack up and return home on Friday morning. As always, we made a lot good memories, stayed up way to late playing spades (they tried to teach me Rook - but I am no good) and played a lot. We are already looking forward to next year.

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