Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who to Vote for???

Not sure who to vote for?? Well, it is hard for us as well. We had been supporting Fred Thompson, but he dropped out a few weeks ago. So, I had been impressed with some things Mitt Romney had said during debates. I know he is Mormon, but what other choices are there. Here is an email from a friend of ours regarding an article on Romney. You can click on Patriot Post to read the article...Romney vs. McCain, The Foundation. Above all else, get out today and exercise your right to vote.

"By now, we are accustomed to receiving one-sided "pro" or "con" assessments of a particular candidate (I've even written this one myself). I am now sending what I consider to be a balanced candidate profile of Mitt Romney published last week by the Patriot Post, a conservative journal advocating individual liberty, the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and the promotion of free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values. It's good stuff. Mitt Romney may not be the "ideal" candidate for many conservatives (and he wasn't my first choice). However, this look at his record and experience combined with a view of the remaining field shows that he is the best (and last?) hope for conservatives this presidential cycle. In sum, this article well describes why I am now supporting Mitt, and does so better than I could. Please take a minute to read, especially if you don't know much about Mitt Romney. -" David

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Kim said...

We voted for Mitt Romney because we felt he best stood for the more conservative view we hold to...but we were hesitant because of his mormon beliefs. He was the best one left. We will support whoever gets the republican nomination, though.